Some history first: it all began when a group of young and adventurous people in their free time – on summer vacations, as most of us worked in schools or studied – organised in the countryside camps for children in various places in Estonia. In 2002, ten years later, we thought this was not enough and why not open a hobby school, as we had the capacity, desire, and personnel! We found a room at Võru 11 and started… To begin with, we opened several classes and invited about 50 students, and now we have about 400 students and more than 50 classes of various topics. Young people, especially those who worked in our summer camps, joined us. All these – various international and local projects, volunteering, and passion – were the pre-requisites to open another focus area, ACTIVE Youth Club. It was 10 years ago. And now we are facing a new challenge – we open a school, and not just another ordinary school, but a school of informal teaching. Dima Zitser, a famous pedagogue and APELSIN schoolmaster, inspired us. All together this sums up in INTERCULTURAL INFORMAL TEACHING HOUSE. We see the whole picture, but we have not invented the name of this house so it would be great if you help us. We open a tender for the name of our house.