Venice is 1600! The Italian city of Venice is unique and famous all over the world. There are channels instead of streets and houses grow directly from the water. Where else the atmosphere is so amazing? Besides, the city looks like an open-air museum of architecture, ancient buildings, museums with priceless masterpieces of art. No wonder that millions of tourists come here every year.

Interesting facts about Venice

  • The historical centre occupies 118 islands divided by 170 channels and connected by four hundred bridges.
  • There are 425 gondolas in Venice, not more, not less. This is the decision by the association of gondoliers. The job is hard but very profitable, that is why the gondolier license is very expensive.
  • All gondolas in Venice follow the same principle – they are 11 meters long and 140 cm wide. They host six passengers and the gondolier.
  • Gondolier’s licenses are inherited from father to son.
  • First gondolier woman started working in 2009, and before that the occupation was for men only.
  • There are no cars or buses in Venice. Water buses play the role of public transport here.
  • Fireboats take the place of fire engines.
  • Venezuela was named after Venice.
  • Every February Venice hosts a carnival, where more than half million of tourists come. It is the oldest Venetian festival.