A lot of people used the opportunity to travel in 2020, to visit some places that they had heard about, though we are sure that there are still places which can draw your attention. Open our small and very cosy country! Here are some interesting facts and places:


There is a wooden church on Ruhnu island that was built in 1644, i.e. it is 377 years old, and it is the oldest wooden building in the country!


There are meteorite craters on Saaremaa. The largest is 110 meters of diameter!


In 2008 Estonia offered an idea of international volunteer campaign – teeme ära! (“let us do it!”) Up to date, some 16 million people from 113 countries took part in these actions. By the way, our designers also draw attention to ecological issues and often use garbage in their works.


The biggest sauna marathon takes place in Otepää, in the south of Estonia.

Teams from all over the world have to visit twenty different saunas and dip into ice water.


Our small country has more than 2000 islands.


Arvo Pärt, the most famous music composer of the world, is Estonian. He was born in Paide.


Song festivals have been organised since 1869 – they were registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest number of people singing in the same time (about 150,000, which is the population of Lasnamäe and a bit more).


We have four capitals: Otepää is the winter capital, Türi is the spring capital, Pärnu is the summer capital, and Narva is the autumn capital of Estonia.

Of course, this is not all information! We are sure that you know much more interesting about our country!!!