Walt Disney is 120 on December 5th. It is impossible to imagine our world without Walt Disney’s animated films and parks.

  • American animation artist and filmmaker, founder of the Walt Disney Productions studio, which has now become a powerful multimedia empire – The Walt Disney Company.
  • Disney was the first to make an animated film with sound.
  • During his career, he made more than 100 movies that brought him 26 Oscars and also dozens of other premium movie awards.
  • Disney’s first step was a series of cartoons “Alice in the Animation Land.” Walt drew more than 50 short mute stories about Alice, the character of Lewis Carrol’s tale. Then the peculiar style of the Disney movies was born.

We like and share some of Disney’s statements:

  • I do not make movies to earn money. I earn money to make movies.
  • Making impossible is a kind of fun.
  • I would rather prefer to entertain people and hope that they learnt something than teach people and hope that they were entertained.