Mihhailo Lomonosov – this great man would be 310; he was genius, and he developed not one field of science, but many at the same time. A person of various talents and very goal-oriented, he would succeed in everything he did, and scientists all over the world use many of his discoveries. Few know that this talented man was also a poet. This is a great example of “universal personality”:

  • This scientist invented and introduced into the Russian language the notion of the abbreviation.
  • Lomonosov, as far as the modern-day scientists say, determined rather accurately the age of our planet.
  • It was Mikhail Lomonosov, who invented a night-vision device, though under the circumstances it remained unnoticed and was shown to the public only one and a half-century later.
  • During his five-year stay in Europe Lomonosov translated poems from German and other foreign languages into Russian.
  • He developed a prototype helicopter.
  • Lomonosov also developed more than ten optical instruments that had no analogues then.
  • He was a talented artist and made beautiful mosaics.