Congratulations! You have got our SMART CALENDAR!

First, you have a good taste, and second, we decided to make 2021 the YEAR OF DISCOVERIES! You may ask why so? It is easy: we were looking for interesting facts and anniversaries to include in our plan for 2021, and we have found a lot of them! Of course, we selected what we liked, though, we hope that it will be attractive for you too!

The next questions should be: who these “WE” are? We are the team which creates, coordinates, organises, and manages Lasnamäe Huvikool, Chudelandia (literally “The Magic Land”) camp for children, and ACTIVE youth club. We are Diana Ehand, Natalia Korchina, Elena Guseva, Georgi Kalyakin, Mihhail Soloviov, Daria Dyachenko, and Irina Dyachenko.

And our calendar is SMART because you can:

  • together with your children take part in making it and in the monthly competitions;
  • discover a lot on your own or with your family;
  • use the online version of the SMART CALENDAR with contests, tasks, and prises. The online version will be available on our organisations’ webpages.


Follow the news, you will always be up to date on what is going on, and maybe you will get the prise!


Bon voyage!